Company Profile

YAS is subsidiary company of BCH (Benchachinda Group) which is functions as a logistics service Provider and Electronics Device Distributor. As a logistics provider with an expertise of mobile device and high value product. YAS offers customers full-scale logistics services with high level of fulfilment service such as Standard and Tailor Made Warehousing Service, Domestics Transportation Service(4w,6w,10w,18W, Heap, Motorbike), and Nationwide Distribution Service (Consolidate Cargo), Value Added Service to support both B2B and B2C activities.

YAS is renowned for its reliability and accuracy in warehousing and logistics services, partly deriving from its integration of advanced technology into logistics services. On the other side of business, YAS functions as an authorized distributor for mobile phone manufacturer and currently is an exclusive partner with Nokia. Our Expertise are also including complex fulfilment service such as kitting, Labeling, Sim Card Assembly to Cell Phone, Software Installing etc. to support customer for all the logistics activities to enhance business competitiveness in any business dealing.

Benchachinda Group is a leading digital service  provider, consisting of three core business units: Network Solutions Group, Broadband Group and Distribution Group—since 1960, we have offered numerous solution services with a diverse range of project scales to enhance all scales of businesses through digitization of business processes to increase their productivity and profitability, and to help them meet their customer expectation.

Leading Digital Service Provider since 1960

Network Solutions Group

“Digital engineering service provider”

Broadband Group (BBG)

“Digital infrastructure & solution provider”

Distribution Group (DTG)

“Mobile distributor & fulfillment service provider