Fulillment and Value Added

B2B and B2C Fulfillment

Picking and Packing by order or according to the customer-defined procedures with standard packaging as appropriate for the goods using serial number picking control system to be assured of receiving the right and precise goods and quality as required.

  • Over 50,000 pieces / day
  • Packing and Re-packaging
  • Bundle packing , Insert SIM and shrink wrap.
  • Labeling, pricing, sticker, flyer and logo adding on the box
  • Kitting and other value added services as needed
  • Customized step and process as needed

B2B fulfillment services

One stop supply chain solution for Corporate and SME business to manage warehousing and logistic services.

B2C fulfilment services

One stop supply chain solution for B2C and e-commerce business.